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White Fang © 2018 Superprod, Bidibul, France 3 Cinema, Big Beach
Studios and Sync Links World Map © PRIMCODE
Zombillenium © 2017 Maybe Movies, Belvision, Dupuis éditions & audiovisuel, France 3 Cinéma, 2 Minutes, Pipangaï Production, Gebeka Films, RTBF
Couleur de peau: Miel (Approved for Adoption) © 2012 2 Minutes, Dreamwall, France Télévisions, Nadasdy Film, Artémis Productions, Mosaïque Films
Zorro Chronicles © 2015 Cyber Group Studios - Zorro Productions Inc
Un monstre à Paris © 2011 Bibo Films, Walking the dog, Europa Corp

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The system allowed us to share the tree of our project during the production between the 7 studios and to add a backup server in data center automatically synchronized with the data of each of them
Lucie Bolze
Line Producer, Superprod

2 Minutes

The technology deployed has allowed artists on different sites to work as if they were in one place. The update of the remote sites was done in a few minutes average.
Jean-Michel Spiner
President, 2 Minutes

Cyber Group Studios

We use the Damas technology from PRIMCODE to successfully complete the production of our TV series in an effective way for the last 4 years. The 3D assets are tracked all productions long from our studios in Paris and from our producers, to our contractors on different continents. The assets are created on each site and are automatically delivered to the other sites in an easy and configurable manner, with version control. No more FTP or email, the tracked assets are sent and received automatically when they get updated on any side. These systems proved to be very reliable throughout the whole productions, and the different participants remotely work very easily together. The system is open and the API allowed us to program our own Qt user interface for Maya to allow the artists to browse the assets and directly publish their work from Maya
Stéphane Hoarau
Head of Technology, Cyber Group Studios

Multisite Content Creation Pipelines

Superprod / France 3 Cinéma

Production of «White Fang» 3D Animated Feature Film, 2018
×6 ×1 ×2 ×20

5 studios + 1 storage synchronized, 2 remote studios: Circus (Paris, FR), Gao Shan Pictures (La Réunion, FR), Onyx (Luxembourg), SolidAnim (Angouleme, FR), Tu Nous ZA Pas Vus (Arles, FR), Online DC3 (Vitry), Ejt/Streedlab (Gérardmer, FR), Toonkit (Angoulême, FR)

Pipeline features: remote scans, file cache management

205399 files and sequences of images synchronized. Shotgun for schedules, approvals
white fang map

2 Minutes / Dupuis / RTBF

Production of «Zombillenium» 3D Animated Feature Film, 2017
×5 ×1 ×24

4 studios + 1 storage synchronized: 2 Minutes (Paris, FR), 2 Minutes (Angoulême, FR), Dreamwall (Charleroi, BE), Pipangaï (La Réunion, FR), Online DC3 (Vitry)

Pipeline features: file revision control, multisite locks

1,538,802 files were synchronized. Shotgun and RV for schedules, reviews, approvals

[fr] Focus on Zombillénium feature film pipeline @ Mediakwest
zombillenium map

Cyber Group Studios / Disney

Production of 3D Animated TV Series, 2009-2015
×2 ×1 ×5 ×60

1 studio + 1 storage synchronized, 5 remote studios: CyberGroupStudios (Paris, FR), OVH (Roubaix, FR), Adeyes Animation (Thiruvananthapuram, IN), Studio CGS (Tunis, TU), Studio GDC (Shanghaï, CN), Sardine Productions (Montreal, CA), Spacetoon Animation (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

Pipeline features: revision control, web interface for file, user management (Damas Software)

Tatonka, Zou seasons 1 and 2, Zazie, Mia, Zorro Chronicles
cyber productions map

Mosaïque Films / France Télévisions

Production of «Approved For Adoption», 2013
×1 ×1 ×6 ×12

1 storage, 6 studios: OVH (Roubaix, FR), Amopix (Strasbourg, FR), Artébis (Brussels, BE), Artemis (Moorslede, BE), La Station Animation (Arles, FR), Mosaïque Films (Paris, FR), Nadasy Films (Geneva, CH)

Pipeline features: revision control, locks, web interface for file, user management (Damas Software)
afa map

SyncPlanet Agent


A SyncPlanet agent synchronizes a volume with the other agents of the swarm through its Internet link and the ssh and rsync protocols.

  • Located in a business or in a data center
  • Connected to the tracker of your choice

Multi-directional and Continuous Sync
feature.3 feature.3 Python API (for Blender, Maya, Shotgun, Nuke, …). Javascript API and CLI

SyncPlanet Tracker

A SyncPlanet tracker is a server helping the synchronization of a swarm of agents. The tracker keeps tracks of the file transfers, permitting to know the state of synchronization of each agent, to track each file and to prioritize.

Multi User
Programmable Web Service
Private and Secure